Interested in improving bystander CPR rates in INDIA? Want to save our loved ones from dying due to sudden cardiac arrest? Want to create an evidence base for INDIAN CPR Guidelines?? Then come forward….

Let's join hands to create a large Indian database of cardiac arrest in India


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AOC Registry stands for, Arrest Outcome Consortium (AOC) Registry.

Arrest Outcome Consortium is a group of clinicians, formed for the sole purpose of compiling a large multi centric database of cardiac arrest in India.

It is the brain child of Dr. Anuj Clerk and Dr. Krunal Patel, intensive care professionals from Surat, in Gujarat State of India. We began in 2018, with single center data to from an online registry called “AOC Registry”. The administrative office is based at Sunshine Global Hospital, Surat and Managed by HOPE Intensive Care Associates. By 2022 consortium has 10 members with seven institutes on board of the registry with database of over 2000 cardiac arrests and counting.

HOPE intensive care associates is a group of intensive care professionals treating seriously ill patients in hospitals. They are experienced not only in treating victims of cardiac arrest in the hospitals but also involved in documentation and analysis of data, teaching Basic and advanced Cardiac Life support since years.

  • Everyone working in this field is feeling the dire need to have large scale database to enable nascent research to find solutions of problems unique to our country like negligible bystander CPR rates, lack of AED at public places, gender bias in resuscitation etc.
  • For research we need data, for data we need uniform documentation and an web portal to facilitate pooling and analysis of data. AOC webportal is one such user friendly web portal. Before uniform documentation can take place, practice has to be standardized and for which periodic training for BLS and ACLS as well as its documentation during CPR has to take place in each center. Thus we intend not only to create a large cardiac arrest database, but bring likeminded clinicians under one umbrella, encourage to standardize training, treatment, documentation during cardiac arrests in participating centers as by product of the process of data compilation in AOC registry.
  • Thus just by participation in AOC the member organization will be able to lift the standards of care and maintain at national and international standards. In a populous country like ours large data so created, will yield unforeseen trends and observations, which paves the way for research This ultimately, not only will improve our understanding of the science of CPR but also forms evidence base for Indian standards and future Indian guidelines.
  • AOC aims at
    • To standardize the documentation of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation [CPR], during management of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) and In Hospital Cardiac Arrest(IHCA).
    • To collect the data in AOC registry is to generate an Indian database, for automated periodic analysis at local level ( hospital level), Regional level ( city or state level) and at National level.

  • AOC registry intend to publish the data periodically.
  • Name of one representative from each site will be added to contributors list of AOC registry.
  • Members who participate in analysis and research activities will be authors of the research publications.
  • Each member can access, his or her data and its real time graphs from web portal and use them for in house quality control or publish as single center data. This can be used for presentations in local code-blue committee at periodic intervals.

A medical Institute fulfilling following criteria can participate

  • Institute is NABH accredited and have regular training of doctors and nurses in BLS and ACLS. Records of training is maintained at the institute for any Audit.
  • Institute is having predefined protocol for CPR (eg. Code Blue) and is executed under a predefined code system. Performance of the system in monitored in CPR committee meetings at periodic intervals [AS stated in NABH standards].
  • Treating cardiac arrest victims as per Indian and international [ILCOR or AHA or European ] standards
  • Have standardized documentation forms of CPR [ BLS and ACLS] and ready to make changes to adopt AOC format.
  • Have factual and real time documentation during CPR. The form is completed and endorsed by a professional and preserved locally.
  • Ready to appoint one Healthcare professional as institute representative, who ensures regular data entry on AOC portal.
  • Will preserve all the forms, so filled in "CPR Register" and allow any audit to counter check the entries, should any discrepancy arries in future.
  • Willing to share cardiac arrest and CPR not done statistics of the institute.[Privacy ensure by AOC Team]
  • Visit URL of AOC registry.
  • Fill the details and send us an E-mail on
  • We will contact you and guide you in the process.
  • Once approved, a unique identification number for your hospital will be generated for login into the registry.
  • Publication News Journal Of Acute Care 2023 Click Here  
  • AORCA 2022 in IJCCM May 2023 Click Here  
  • PUBLICATION NEWS AOCRA 2022 Click Here  
  • Gazette N Good Samaritan Act 12th May 2015 Click Here  
  • GazetteN_SOPs for Good Samaritan Act 21st Jan 2016 Click Here  
  • AOC registry appeared in Innovations in Critical care Section of Critical care connections March-April edition, published by ISCCM and can be accessed on Click Here
  • We are thankful to Editorial board to accept our innovation for inclusion on the news letter circulated to all over the country amongst ISCCM members and to all other interested in the field.
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  • AOC RA 2018 accepted for presentation in CRITICON 2020, The annual Congress of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, to be held at Hyderabad on 28th FEb to 1st March 2020.
  • AOC RA 2018 SGH, analysis led to long term follow up of cardiac arrest survivors as portal send periodic reminders with patient's ID numbers to site incharge. This enabled center to complete 6 month and 1 year follow up of survivors and accessed their cerebral performance category.
  • First Pilot publication "AOC RA 2018", [named after: Arrest Outcome Consortium Registry Analysis of 2018 data],a retrospective single center annual data analysis, prepared using AOC portal of Sunshine Global Hospital and SPSS, an IBM software and registered on Clinical Trial Registryof India[CTRI number: CTRI/2019/09/021048.] at
  • "Arrest Outcome Consortium, Online CPR Registry Portal & Real time CPR Data Analysis." Lecture delivered in Gujarat Criticon 2019 held at Vadodara by Dr. Anuj Clerk.[ Consultant Intensivist, Sunshine Global Hospital,Surat.]
  • "AOC RA Shukan" study prepared from AOC Registry analysis of Shukan Hospital Portal and presented at Gujarat Criticon 2019, held at Vadodara in September 2019, by Dr. Jasmin Rachadia [Consultant Intensivis] . The E poster Won first prize in this annual State conference.
  • Initially started as Single center Data analysis software and evolved to be a Multi centric Registry.
  • AOC Registry created in October 2018. Data entry commenced from retrospetive date of 1st January 2017 onwards.

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